Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where's Nemo?

This is Chacha's survival skill to show me lonely and sad and kind of begging face. He always do this after failing long effort to ask me to let him out to play around.
Sometimes, I feel sorry when I see this and then I just let him out and play around for about 10 minutes or longer. But, it probably only spoil him and eventually not good for him at all.

So, I guess I need some help on how to train kitty to be a good boy and listen to me.

Does anyone know about a TV show , 'It's me or the dog' on Animal Planet channel? It is very interesting show and the professional trainer, Victoria, is always successful to train dog and make a good boy. No cat yet in the show though.

Chacha! be a good boy or you will be the first cat appearing in that show. ok?

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