Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chacha Open House

Welcome to Chacha's Open House

This is cozy place where Chacha is spending most of his time including eating, resting and some sort of personal business(?). Let's respect Chacha's privacy here.

Key items


It is crucial material to keep Chacha's dignity....:) I'm always curious that this is really sand from beach? or it is just from some factory. sounds funny.

-Food storage.

It's kind of personal refrigerator for food and some personal items. It's totally GREEN and environment friendly. No electricity at all. Chacha is a first cat environmentalist. ever!

-Food & Water.

Fish shaped bowl is a special arrangement for Chacha's satisfaction. I hope Chacha recognize it. This water container has been replaced by something amazing one. It's confidential for now.!!!


No explanation needed. right?

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