Saturday, January 24, 2009

Special message to friends, MCAT girls

Special message to friends!

Hey, girls. I wish you luck for MCAT exam.
Cause I am a CAT, and MCAT is kind of my buddy,
you will be all right!!!

See!, I'm studying hard, too. to figure out
which fish is tasty....:)
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Chacha is an Anti Luxuary Brand-ist

Anti luxury brand-ist! Chacha!!!

What a philosophical cat he is!

Chacha is not interested in materialism and luxury brand at all. Chacha hates shopping.
Even, Chacha went one step further to bite Coach paper bag.

True story? Chacha bites every paper bag no matter what it is from....:)
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chacha Open House

Welcome to Chacha's Open House

This is cozy place where Chacha is spending most of his time including eating, resting and some sort of personal business(?). Let's respect Chacha's privacy here.

Key items


It is crucial material to keep Chacha's dignity....:) I'm always curious that this is really sand from beach? or it is just from some factory. sounds funny.

-Food storage.

It's kind of personal refrigerator for food and some personal items. It's totally GREEN and environment friendly. No electricity at all. Chacha is a first cat environmentalist. ever!

-Food & Water.

Fish shaped bowl is a special arrangement for Chacha's satisfaction. I hope Chacha recognize it. This water container has been replaced by something amazing one. It's confidential for now.!!!


No explanation needed. right?

Friday, January 9, 2009

How dare you, Vickey??????

I(Chacha)'ve never imagined Vickey would do this to me. You left me alone at home and went to Disney to see Nemo!!!!!

Nemo is my favorate fish, you know that, right?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where's Nemo?

This is Chacha's survival skill to show me lonely and sad and kind of begging face. He always do this after failing long effort to ask me to let him out to play around.
Sometimes, I feel sorry when I see this and then I just let him out and play around for about 10 minutes or longer. But, it probably only spoil him and eventually not good for him at all.

So, I guess I need some help on how to train kitty to be a good boy and listen to me.

Does anyone know about a TV show , 'It's me or the dog' on Animal Planet channel? It is very interesting show and the professional trainer, Victoria, is always successful to train dog and make a good boy. No cat yet in the show though.

Chacha! be a good boy or you will be the first cat appearing in that show. ok?

Let's go back to film camera days


It's always exciting to think back old style or something that we used to play with when we were very young kids.

Did you notice something weird in this photo? What's that? Normally, the photo in film should look negative and when we print it, it just shows normal photo like this.

Or, this film could be a slide film, which is used for slide and look exactly same as printed photo. I have seen slide film once from my brother, who mistakenly bought 'slide film' instead of normal film. ....:) But, anyway, he developed and framed it.

Unfortunately, we didn't have slide machine that time. So, we just looked it right before bright light bulb.

We enjoyed a lot with that slide film and I miss it!

This film photo frame skills are from here.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Canon polaroid camera?

Unfortunately, Chacha was born right after Polaroid camera has been disappeared, so he has no chance to know how cute it is and how differently it capture you and show it. However, I made a Polaroid shot of Chacha using normal SLR Canon camera and Computer. I hope Chacha would say "thank you", but, as always, he didn't say anything, but 'mao~~~~~'. It's cat langauge and it could mean either 'I'm hungry' or 'I want to go out and play'.:)

I refereed this site for Polaroid technique.