Monday, December 15, 2008

DIY: $0, 20min micro mini photo studio for budget photographer.

Since it costs you nothing but only 20 min labor(it's not even labor), you can try this and it can't go wrong. If it did, then just throw it to garbage can. Deal?

What you need:

1. Empty 12pk coke box

2. 3 letter size papers(it's just paper for print)

3. Glue & Scissors

4. Any kind of desktop small lamp with white light bulb in it.

What to do:

1. Cut coke box. Basically, cut 3 sides and leave one side for back stand. And both of side should have a little part to glue white letter size paper to attach to. Personally, I prefer Coca cola, but, my grocery store had a sale of Pepsi few days ago so that's why I have this.

2. Attach letter size paper to both of side from inside of box. So it looks like this if you look at from side. Don't forget attaching paper inside of box. Because it is just easy to attach paper firmly to the box and by doing this, eventually, white paper can kind of surround subject all the way around.

3. Finally, cut a letter size paper for backdrop and attach it from bottom front of the box. It's important to glue only bottom front of box and and let the paper go lean against back stand of box naturally. Do not glue all the way back of the box!

Now, it's time to rock and roll~~~

Sample photos

I have been playing around moving the location of lamp and closer or a little away from box to get a perfect exposure and effect. But, it's never easy and that's why the color of background is not same in sample photos. Unfortunately, I only have one desktop lamp, so, I didn't use any kind of 'fill' light. Canon Xsi, 18-55mm lens are used for this sample photo. I've also tested with Speedlite 580 EX II attached, but, it just killed me and look worse, so I just turned it off.

Original Canon CF memory

My first shotgun shell

My Canon XSI lens cap(Canon 18-55mm)

Nikon original CF memory

Future work

I need to figure out why photo does not look crisp enough. I could use Photoshop to make it look better though, but, I didn't. I should improve my photography skills not Photoshop skills for now.

Any kind of feedback will be appreciated.

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  1. Great how-to- you should publish it at As for getting higher contrast in your photos, I think you can get "crisper" shots by using a combination of lights. You'll want a diffuse light- like the desk lamp- to fill shadows. Maybe two desk lamps for objects like that Winchester shell. You can add "sparkle" with a point source lamp, like a small bare bulb without a shade or reflector. Experiment!